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Blue Hill Data Services Why Blue Hill Data Services?  
Blue Hill Plaza Data Center
Our Facilities – Maximum Reliability, Redundancy and Connectivity
With Class "A" data center infrastructure, Blue Hill's world-class data centers are located in:
  • Pearl River, NY at the Blue Hill Plaza complex
  • Branchburg, NJ
  • Shelton, CT (CAPS, our sister-company)
  • All specifically designed and constructed to house and run multiple platforms in a high-availability environment.
The Blue Hill production facility in Pearl River, NY (Rockland County) has the proud distinction of never having lost utility power, and was the only data center in the tri state area that was not forced to utilize its backup generators. See SuperStorm Sandy Press Release (PDF).
The facilities offer fault tolerant, state-of-the-art physical components and redundant network offerings. Features include:
  • 24X7 multi-tiered security monitoring, including guard station, patrol, video surveillance, and controlled card-key access
  • Redundant connectivity direct to the Northeast, and Mid-West power grids via dual diverse paths
  • Dual redundant feeds provide power at 69KV and automatically transfer between feeds
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) control system and standby diesel power generation
  • Redundant Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system with monitoring
  • Redundant power distribution panels
  • Connectivity is served by multiple ISP carriers, including Internap, Lightower, and Hudson Fiber
  • Verizon, Lightpath and Lightower run fiber directly into the Blue Hill data center providing virtually unlimited bandwidth capabilities
  • Fully redundant BGP provides automatic dual and redundant paths via IP
  • Advanced environmental controls, monitoring and automatic notification
  • 3600 tons of Glycol cooling capacity (N+1)
  • Fireproof resistive construction and monitoring
Blue Hill's facilities have built-in redundancy for added operational reliability, including redundant backup power with UPS and expandable standby diesel generation; environmental controls, including multiple air handling units with N+1 temperature and humidity systems and pre-action fire protection systems; and high-level security controls, including automatic alarm notifications and advanced VPN IP security.
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